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Nutrinovex Longovit Cheesecake

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Nutrinovex Longovit Cheesecake

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Longovit ® is an energy bar, rich in progressive absorption carbohydrates, formulated to provide sustained energy during exercise to athletes.

It provides direct energy, helps to conserve the energy reserves of the organism and, at the same time, combats the rest of the factors involved in the central fatigue, which increases the resistance capacity of the athlete. It is therefore a highly indicated product for endurance sports such as cycling, mountain biking, triathlon, running, trekking, etc ...

Longovit® bar is an innovative product in the field of nutritional ergogenic aids, developed from several components that ingested together and in the right doses, not only preserve their ergogenic effects separately, but also, they enhance each other, since that their mechanisms of action are interrelated.

Nutrinovex Longovit® is the perfect formula to fight against muscle fatigue because it ensures the muscle a permanent intake of carbohydrates. It also contains BCAA and L-Glutamine.

Before and during physical effort.
Recommended intake: At approximate intervals of 45-60 minutes during training, competition or sports activity.


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Nutrinovex Longovit Cheesecake

Nutrinovex Longovit Cheesecake

Nutrinovex Longovit Cheesecake

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