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Complete Group Sram Red 2013

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Levers: The new levers SRAM RED ™ ErgoDynamics represent our idea far more advanced than it should be the perfect symbiosis between the rider and his bike. We look at every detail, including the transition between the handlebars and the hoods, the texture of the handle, the finger grip and separate connection to the shifter and brake lever.

• Design ErgoDynamic ™: The best control and comfort in its class
• New range setting to fit any hand
• Mechanism ZeroLoss DoubleTap ® and ™ for smoother shifting and precise

Change: We designed the RED SRAM Exact Actuation with our technology ™ to achieve accurate and effective change. We paid special attention to the finer details, such as adding an anchor bolt hollow titanium and even improve the geometry of the teeth of the pulley.
• Exact Actuation ™: Fast and accurate
• New Aeroglide ™ rollers for quieter performance
• New frame and body design for better separation of the cassette

Derailleur: Rather than simply move forward and backward, frame SRAM RED derailleur actually rotates to maintain a constant angular relationship with the chain. We call Yaw ™ technology, and ends with the need to adjust the contrast.
• Thanks to the revolutionary Yaw ™, no more adjustments
• Change optimized faster and more accurate
• Materials refined to achieve a more robust and lightweight frame

Cassette: The new powerdome X ™ SRAM RED cassette is the most advanced ever created. Super light, completely silent and with indisputable performance advantages. The eight central pinions are driven from a single block of steel manufactured to high quality tools. This increases the rigidity achieving an even lower weight of titanium cassette. Between each block sprocket, includes an elastomer StealthRing ™ to reduce vibration and noise.
• Dome 10-speed chain built
hollow steel
• StealthRing ™ elastomers for silent operation
• large aluminum sprocket and durable finish

Cranks: New Exogram ™ crankset SRAM RED is totally up to the spider hole. Its hidden screw design takes more of your use of carbon fiber to improve the robustness and reduce the weight. The incredible X Glide ™ plates are optimized for use with Yaw ™ technology on the front derailleur and offer smooth and perfect performance.
• Construction Exogram ™ lightweight hollow carbon
• Plates X Glide R ™: Advanced Change Technology
• Screw hidden for added strength and sturdiness
• With BlackBox bottom bracket on ceramic bearings

Brakes: The new set of brakes SRAM RED has been created with a set of features that make the body even more aerodynamic braking. The arm Aerolink ™ (recently patented) reduces the frontal area and improves performance and braking modulation.
• Arm Aerolink ™: High power and improved modulation
• Profile finer adjustment cylinder and Aero
• Fast Aero 4 position

Quarq Power Meter: lighter and should fully integrated with the philosophy and performance of SRAM RED. The new geometry of the system reduces weight and provides space for large tables and dishes aerodynamic. The integrated electronics minimizes interconnections and reduces exposure to the elements, thus achieving unparalleled durability and reliability.
• Lightweight and accuracy of + / - 1.5%
• integrated electronics = maximum reliability
• Ease of use: ID visible, LED indicator, battery
• Omnical ™: Adjusting TT dishes without recalibration

Chain: The new chain SRAM PC 1091R has bevel outer plates to achieve a more pronounced change better and reduce noise. Making chain HollowPin ™ PowerChain ™ 10-speed SRAM noted for its smoothness, accuracy rate and weight savings without sacrificing strength.
• HollowPin ™ technology combines strength, amazing effectiveness of change and lightness
• 255 grams, 114 links
• Connector PowerLock ™: the world's simplest installation


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Complete Group Sram Red 2013

Complete Group Sram Red 2013

Option crankset and Cassette

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